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Black Hole Image Capturing Team got Oscar of Science

Event Horizon Telescope

Black Hole

Black Hole, an unexplored, unidentified space activity that no scientist had ever explored or seen before 10 April 2019. A team of 347 scientists worked day and night to capture the image of Black Hole through which even light cannot pass. In simple words, it is a giant hole which attracts everything towards itself. Even light cannot pass through it that is why taking its image was as possible as it sounds that such a thing exists in space.

What they captured

Black hole 1

Blackhole theory was proposed by astronomical pioneer John Michell in the letter he published in the year 1784. He suggests that such a body exist in the Universe and can only be detected by the surface around it or by its gradational power.

Scientists of that time termed it INVISIBLE STAR, certainly raised curiosity among the fraternity. John called it “DARK STAR”. The term Black Hole used for the first time in print media.

Black hole graphics

Basically what we know now when a giant star definitely not the size of sun but almost 1000 times bigger than sun dies becomes Black Hole. The gravitational pull at the centre of this black hole is so powerful that even light cannot escape. There can be a number of black holes present in the Universe. But detecting them is not easy especially from telescopes.

NASA Event Horizon is a telescope which itself a masterpiece to study helped scientists capture the world-first image of Black Hole.

This is the biggest news of the century.

And for that the team of scientists on Thursday honoured with the Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics, winning $3 million dollars for what is known as the “Oscars of science.”


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