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4 DIY beauty products using coconut oil

coconut oil

We all know about the numerous beauty and health benefits of using coconut oil, however not many of us know that coconut can be a miracle ingredient in so many of your beauty products that is used a regular basis. Here’s a list of four unbelievable things that can be simply made using coconut oil and are they are natural and extremely harmless as far as side-effects are concerned.

Smoothening shaving cream

Many women refrain from waxing due to several reasons, and find shaving more comfortable. For those, using chemical-based shaving creams and foams will only make your skin worse. Here’s a simple way to make a natural shaving cream that will prevent skin cuts and ensure that you are left with a smoother skin post shaving. Put together coconut oil, honey, baking soda and castile soap, and mix it very well to get a creamy texture. Use this as your organic shaving cream wherever you wish to shave- be it underarms, hands, legs or even some parts of the face.

Everlasting deodorant

After the end of our tiring day, we feel none of our deodorants actually work since at the end of the day, we all complain of foul-smelling underarms. A simple deodorant made using coconut oil can do the trick- simply mix coconut oil and rose oil with a few drops of lemon juice and some baking soda. This will be a slightly greasy one, but this natural deodorant can keep your underarms stink-free.

Effective sunscreen

Getting tanned is the most common complaint we all have in spite of using some of the most expensive sun screen lotions. Simply mix some coconut oil to your regular sunscreen lotion or cream, and mix it properly. Coconut oil has sun protection properties, and this will let the lotion stay on your skin for long as well as ensure better sun protection.

Natural soap bar

We all have picked up organic handmade soaps from malls and gourmet stores, how about making one at home that has better effects than the one available outside. Simply mix coconut oil, beeswax and shea butter, and melt it in low flame till all the these things mix together and achieve an oily consistency. Then remove it from the flame, and mix some almond oil and 2-3 drops of your favourite essence. Pour this mixture into a soap jar and refrigerate it till it becomes hand. You skin-friendly handmade soap is ready for use

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