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12 easy-to-follow posture correction tips

posture correction tips

Walk up straight! Trust your mother when she says it. In fact, it is a very good advice for all age groups. If you are experiencing back pain, shoulder pain, headache, neck pain, it indicates poor posture. So here’s your guide to improve your posture (and back health) –

You strengthen your bone by maintaining the right posture. The right posture is keeping your spine straight while standing, sitting, walking or even lifting any object. The smart posture means having your shoulder relaxed, your chin up, your chest out and the stomach in. Practicing the correct way to stand, sit and walk will boost your mental and physical health too.

Slouching is too bad for your back health. This affects your circulation and completely drains your body of energy.

Make regular movements to correct your back. Keep changing your positions more often. Remaining in the same position will strain your body and limit the range of your daily activities.

Check if you are sitting on the right chair. Make adjustment to your chair in a way that your foot touches the floor. Never cross your legs above the knees as this too causes poor circulation.

Take small breaks every half hour, go out, stand or walk for a while and then come back to your working position. It will relax your body muscles.

Have a firm footing while lifting an object, for this way you save your back. Keep your spine straight, your chest out and bend at your knees and hips.

Take a walk for better bone density. Keeping your weight normal can help you maintain a healthy spine. So take a walk early morning or late in the evening.

Check your body weight on a daily basis. Keep changing your diet chart. Fasting once a week will also help you relax and rejuvenate from within.

Good exposure to sunlight and foods rich in Vitamin D is beneficial for strong bones and muscles. Have some orange juice, eggs, milk, mushrooms, and cod liver oil as these are some of the richest sources of Vitamin D. And before you start with any health supplement, consult a doctor.

Do some exercises everyday to improve your body posture. Practice pilates, yoga to achieve faster recovery from your pain and strengthening of your bones. Tadasana(Mountain Pose), Shishu Asana (ChildPose), Veerbhadrasana are some of the yoga exercises that you should do regularly.

While sleeping, use a firm mattress. You may or may not use a pillow which totally depends on your comfort level.
A body injury could also affect your posture. Get yourself checked by a doctor and help yourself to recover from the injury with the right medication.

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