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Use collectibles to give your home a facelift

give your home a facelift

Home decor brings to your mind a world of things; from designing the furniture to matching them with perfect furnishings to adding those unique elements for a stunning look. If you are still in two minds as to what decorative elements would make for a perfect style statement for your house this festive weekend; here’s some help, as we tap the trend of collectibles for you.


For those who just can’t see beyond books, they are the most preferred collectibles for the house. Books are, by far the best and classy collectibles; just arrange them with care and you don’t need another decorative element. Bookshelves are some of the most thought about and well-designed piece of furniture available today .Wall mounted, tree-like, vicious circle, book shelf in couch, etc are some of the unique ideas of how bookshelves are made today . “A well-shaped and arranged book shelf can be the masterpiece of the house,” says Nayonika Singha, a book lover.


Collecting paintings is only meant for the rich and famous, no more stands true. With the Metropolitan Museum of Art making as many as four lac original paintings free to download, you can much easily collect paintings of well-known painters across the world. Paintings are, one of the most beautiful collectibles for your home. Ketan Joshi, a CA, who is a passionate collector, says, “Who says you only need works from the most famous painters to decorate your home. There are several painters in the city , simple take a walk across the art galleries in town and you will find some great paintings that can be awesome collectibles. Moreover, you can also look for them while on your travels; there’s nothing like bringing back some colourful memoirs from your dream destination.”


Nautically-themed items that have everything and anything to do with the ocean–form awesome collectibles for your home. You can collect from a wide assortment of model ships from civil war model ships to Viking model ships, famous model ships to model pirate ships and each one makes for a remarkable decor item. But that’s not all we have. Other nautical decor collectibles that equally striking in appearance are compasses, sextants, telescopes and anchors.One can also choose from a variety of nautical clocks that look like ship wheels as well as actual ship wheels that can be used as wall decor.


If you are one of those who likes things to be eternal and indefinite, then frames are one of the unique collectibles for your home. Photo frames and paintings are common; how about collecting naked frames of various styles, patterns and sizes. A unique textured wall colour and a display of your fondly collected frames can make for a fabulous piece of art.


Medieval statues and figurines form a great way to spruce up your living area; the best part is that the collectibles range from a mix of styles and designs. For those love abstract, a host of collectibles in abstract ideas are available; they are usually men or women sitting in various imaginary postures. Usually made of wood, cast metal and stone; a few of these collectibles are also made of limestone and precious gemstones. If you’re looking for something inspirational, an angel statue or a statue of Lord Buddha in is eternal meditation pose can be a great choice. For figurines, one can also collect from a host of options like pirates, Romans, Celtic designs, English royalty, warriors, etc. What’s best is that these are just general ideas, as there are always exceptions to the rule!


“Women are usually crockery collectors; designing your home with the finest and unique style of crockery too makes for an excellent option,” says Roshna Mansukhani, a homemaker. From different styles of serving bowls in pure clay or porcelain, to different styles of cups made of red earth, brass, glass, etc.look excellent when displayed in a beautiful cabinet.”Contemporary as well as traditionally designed silverware too make for stylish collectibles for your display crockery cabinet,” adds Mansukhani. So if you have an empty shelf or an unfilled space, collectibles are the best elements for a classis home decor with things that suit your personal tastes.BOOKS

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