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The Kapil Sharma New Show to Soon Go Off Air

Important Points to Note Related to Show

The New show of Kapil Sharma “Family Time with Kapil” was actually being reported to complete 26 episodes but after noticing the unimpressive ratings of this show the makers of the show has decided to cut down and skip some of the episodes to go off air sooner. This show is considered as one another failure and unsuccessful step of the famous comedian Kapil Sharma. The makers of the show after noticing the not so impressive ratings of the show has decided to go for cropping 6 to 9 episodes to make it go off air soon. The host of the show and the makers are showing disagreement over the different strategies for the show currently. The producers are also trying their best and wanted the media ahead of the premiere of the show. They actually wanted Kapil to go for holding a special press conference and he answered that he will definitely address the media after completing a couple of episodes.

As we know two episodes of this show had already aired where two guests from bollywood as Ajay Devgan and Abhay Deol respectively. Now, there is like an internal dispute going on related to number of episodes to skip or crop. After the first episode of the show, the people and the fans of the Kapil has mention their comments on twitter that this show is lacking the actual charm of the Kapil as we have seen in the previous show and also giving reviews which are not positive for the show and quite depressing. The various reports have also stated that an episode has been also cancelled which was to feature Tiger Shroff and Didha Patani for their new movie Bhaagi 2.

As this show is all set to go off air, on the other side the new show of Kapil’s former colleague is all set to launch named Dhan Dhana Dhan Live along with the Big Boss Winner Shilpa Shinde with her comeback to television. So, therefore after going through all the reviews from the people, all the fans of the Kapil Sharma are quite disappointed as they are expecting much more from the boss of comedian Kapil Sharma.

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