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MP Vinod Khanna talks of making Pathankot a smart city

Even as Gurdaspur Member of Parliament and veteran actor Vinod Khanna tried to allure Pathankot residents once again with the assurance of making Pathankot a smart city, the locals who are fed up with such announcements have doubt on Khanna’s claim.

Khanna on Saturday claimed that he had succeeded in including Pathankot among the list of smart cities under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Smart City Project. The actor, who was busy shooting a film in Bulgaria, returned to his constituency after long only to make the announcement, which he claimed was a big achievement for him and for the town.

However, the residents who are battling with bad roads, chocked sewerages, stray cattle menace in almost every part of the city and traffic jams due to clogged railway crossings are not ready to buy his claim.

“Khanna has returned to his old habit of staying away from his constituency,” said Sanjay Kumar, a local businessman.

“We have been hearing since long that Pathankot air port would get flights soon, Ranjit Sagar Dam (RSD) Lake would become a tourist hub and the problem of railway crossings in the city would be solved soon, but nothing had happened so far,” he said.

“Can Khanna walk or travel on such roads without a car,” he asked. Though, in the past, he got a few bridges made, in this tenure, however, we are yet to see Vinod Khanna who had won the hearts of the locals,” he said.

Khanna claimed that he was in touch with the aviation companies and hoped that domestic flights would be landing in Pathankot once again.

He said he had spoken to the railway authorities to make elevated bridges to solve the problem of the railway crossings.

He said from his Member of Parliament Local Area Development (MPLAD) funds he had given maximum to Pathankot, which is a big town and needed more funds. He, however, refused to divulge the figure.

He admitted that he was busy shooting a film, which kept him away from his constituency.

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