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Inexpensive ways to get a new look at home

new look at home

Want to give a new look to your home in the New Year, yet are worried about the budget? Fret not; there are many ways to do up your home in an elegant way, that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

You need to create budgets for each room according to your priorities and then choose the right paints, avoid cheap-looking items, shop wisely at smaller stores, flea markets, look got online offers and create a high-end designer look for your interiors. Follow these tips to create an elegant home on a shoestring budget.

Painting your home
Painting your home is one of the easiest ways to give a whole new look to it, whether you choose a bold and dramatic pallate or soft and subtle hues. If you take care of using colours that will not clash with the rest of your decor scheme, then this can turn out to be a clever way of adding glamour, yet keeping things well within your budget. Painting just one wall instead of all four, can also save money even though it can change the look of your room. And if you have an even smaller budget for painting, you can just accent-paint instead of getting one entire wall — paint just the trims, the doorframes, the window sills etc in a contrasting colour that complements your decor.

Display some art creatively
A triptych can increase the wow factor of your living room. You can download free art and then cut it into three equal pieces. Frame all three and viola you have an expensive looking art work on your bare wall.

Use large pillows
Punch up the elegance factor of your room by choosing comfortable and elegant pillows layered up against each other. Choose the best quality fillers and make sure that you avoid the standard size and go for ones that are large. Cushions that are overstuffed and larger usually create a plush look. Do not scrimp on the quality of covers — because that can make or break the look.

Pick unique hardware
Little details like the door knobs and drawer pulls can give your home a new look. Avoid buying the common ones, look for ones that are unique and interesting, yet affordable that give an elegant and expensive look.

Move furniture add mirrors

Move your bed or your dresser, exchange places of the sofa and the dining table. Get rid of that unused beanbag. Place two large mirrors behind your sofa or in front of your dining table. These little changes can renovate the entire look of your rooms giving it a refreshing new feel. This could be one of the quickest, easiest and also cheapest ways to redo your home. And you won’t have the worry of going wrong, nagging you — because you can change the positions of the furniture right away.

Install custom lights

Look for lights and chandeliers at flea markets and local stores — that when buffed up can give you an expensive-looking designer light. Having more than a couple of light sources in one room make sit look plush — have ceiling lights, floor lamps, accent lights and table lamps to give a warm glow to your decor.

Get a critical eye
In order to get a good unbiased perspective about a redecorated room, it is good idea to ask a friend who has good taste and a critical eye to come and look at your room. There are times when we tend to overlook little things that seem obvious to another person who has not been staying in that space for a long time.

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