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Hurricane Dorian and Mumbai Rain Brought Lives at a Stand Still

Coastal Areas Under Threat of Drowning

Hurricane Dorian and Mumbai rain

Hurricane Dorian and Mumbai rain on September 4th really affected the lives of people living around the coastal area. Hurricane Dorian which currently passing through coastal areas of The Bahamas, USA and Hawaii are doing great damages in many places. The intensity of the Hurricane is 148 mph (295km/h).

And in Mumbai though there is no cyclone like situation but water logging has really affected the speed of the city. Most of the roads are full of water and it is impossible to drive on them. Literally vehicles are floating on roads, and the way rain is continuously showering, it’s a matter of time when the situation gets worse. Asia richest Municipal Corporation that is BMC has failed many times on occasions like this and should be held responsible for mot taking measures.

Hurricane Dorian which started from the Atlantic Ocean becomes category 5 hurricane on September 1st. Majorly it has affected the Bahamas and has triggered the discourse of helping the country in the hour of needs. Grand Bahama and Abaco island worst affected where thousands of people have lost their homes. There are currently living under the open sky, US officials and others are seeking help from all over the world.

Prime Minister Hubert Minnis in his official statement said

“We are in the midst of a historic tragedy, The devastation is unprecedented and extensive.”

One of the major challenge people are facing is getting food and clean water to drink. US is providing all the help at the time of crisis US coast guards airlifted 21 people from Albaco island.

On the other hand for Mumbai IMD (India Meteorological Department) has issued a Red Alert for next 24 hour. Rain is still pouring and the department has predicted that it may continue for the next two days.

NDRF (Natural Disaster Relief Force) has deployed their teams in areas like Kranti Nagar, Kurla.

Hurricane Dorian and Mumbai rain both are live examples of climate change

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