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How to get rid of vicious dark circles, now!

dark circles

Your skin is the first indicator of something not being right with your body and when you have dark circles, be sure that you need to make immediate corrections in the way you go on with your daily life.

Owing to a variety of causes, they are one of the most common and annoying skin problems. Depending on why it happens, its causes can be broadly divided into lifestyle and genetic and health-related issues. Here’s taking a look at the reasons and how they can be tackled.


Anaemia or iron deficiency is the most common cause of dark circles.Low iron levels is a form of anaemia that results in poor oxygenation in body tissues due to low supply of oxygenated blood. A variety of factors like hormonal changes during pregnancy and menstruation, liver problems due to ailments like hepatitis and having a poor diet in general results in dark circles. Additionally, food items like dairy products, mustard, sugar, peanuts, certain types of seafood, preservatives may cause allergies that lead to dark circles.

A healthy diet comprising vitamins like A, C, K, E and iron rich diet, mainly green leafy vegetables, apples, dairy products, raisins and dates, can help prevent this. During sinus, the veins around your eyes are dilated and become darker if your nose is blocked, thereby causing dark circles. This condition is also referred to as `allergic shiners.’ Similarly, rubbing your eyes too much creates the same effect.

Products that have caffeine in their formulation hyper-activates the skin to produce more collagen. It is also a tightening agent that works on and beneath the surface of the skin by constricting blood vessels around the eye area making it less visible. Applying eyegel if you have oily skin and eye cream if you have dry skin also helps. Products with good hydrating and plumping ingredients like Vitamin E, oils like rosehip seed oil also work.


Place cool tea bags on your eyes
Use soothing eye masks
Caffeinated eye creams
Elevate your head while sleeping
Freeze a spoon and placing it on your eyes

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