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11 reasons to prefer Kindle over Paperbacks


Kindle or paperback? This is an argument that would perhaps never end; each has its own advantages. Though we have grown up reading paperbacks and few still hold pride in them, several others have moved on to the Kindle. Here are 11 reasons why you need to give Kindle its due:

1. Carry an entire library with yourself

If you are an avid reader who happens to walk out of the library with books piled up to your chin, Kindle is for you. Kindle helps you carry thousands of books at a single time. You would not regret leaving your book at home because it was just too thick.

2. No one can borrow

For book lovers, one of the major issues is that they forget who they had lent their books to. It is tough to remember from a library of hundreds of books. Kindle, however, becomes your own personal library.

3. You can share without regretting

An Amazon account enables you to share what you are reading. Kindle allows you to join together two different adult accounts and four different children profiles into a single household. Is this not a better way to inculcate the habit of reading among the family members?

4. Any book anytime

As you finish a book, you always have the option of ordering another one even at midnight or while waiting for a flight. This also saves you a lot of time and effort to buy one from a bookstore.

5. Read in the dark

If you happen to be an insomniac and love reading at night, Kindle should be your best buddy. You can read, under the covers without pestering your siblings. You can read it in complete darkness because of the light that Paperwhite produces.

6. In-built dictionary
Do not know the meaning of a word that you just came across? Kindle helps you get away with the task of fetching a dictionary, for which honestly, most of us are very lazy. All you have to do is press on the word for a few seconds and its meaning appears. Does that sound appealing?

7. Classics are for free

Everyone loves free books. The best part of possessing a Kindle is that classics are free on Kindle. If you are a classics lover, this happens to be a concrete reason for owning a Kindle.

8. Reading a series without a pause

If you are reading a series then it becomes compelling to pick up the next book. For a paperback, you will have to be patient enough to head to a bookstore and grab it. For Kindle, you can instantly download the next one.

9. No wear-and-tear

Even if you maintain your books with utmost care, the pages of the books fade away with time. There is a risk of the books getting wet and are even prone to termite problems. With Kindle, you will not face these issues.

10. Saves a lot of paper

Most of the traditional book lovers are often seen saying that the smell and touch of the books are very pleasant and comforting. However, if we see it from a bigger perspective, books are all about stories that leave an everlasting impact on the reader. The stories give the book its value and not the paper. Be eco-friendly and contribute towards saving a lot of trees.

11. Fear of being judged

At several occasions, people don’t want to reveal what they are reading publicly (since the cover of the book tells it all). Kindle becomes your secret friend. It doesn’t have a cover or a name. and hence, you are saved from being judged too.

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