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Yamaha YZF-R3

Yamaha YZF-R3


Maximum Power
Maximum Torque
Seat Height
Ground Clearance
Kerb/Wet Weight
Fuel Tank Capacity
Top Speed
Mileage (Certified)

[one_half_last]321 cc
41.4 Bhp @ 10750 rpm
29.6 Nm @ 9000 rpm
Constant Mesh, 6-speed
780 mm
160 mm
169 kg
14 litres
188 kmph
22.4 kmpl


The middle-weight Supersport category dominated by the KTM RC390 and Ninja 300 gets a tough competitor, as YZF-R3 is nothing less than a game changer for Yamaha. The declining sales chart of few brands also pointed how aggressively people waited for the motorcycle to arrive. The heavenly feel of riding a Yamaha R-series bike cannot be denied with any point and the R3 is here to prove it right. It is now officially available in India in a single variant (non-ABS) for Rs. 3.25 lakhs (ex-showroom Delhi).

Design & Style

Three words can easily define the designing of the R3, sharp, beautiful and tough. The edgy R-series bikes are mostly inspired from each other and same happens to the R3. Even if you see the bike without stickers from the side and rear profile, you can guess it’s a Yamaha super sport bike. The iconic sharp tail light design and the boomerang inspired side fairing says all for the design. The front of the bike is what makes it unique, with its differently designed headlights and a perfectly placed visor. The headlights may sound controversial as uniqueness is not always the best solution for popularity. The exhaust is one of the coolest parts of the motorcycle, short in length and perfectly shaped.

Instrument Console

The console on the R3 is an analog-digital one with a hexagonal tachometer, which is full analogue and houses a small group of indicators to its left, including the neutral light. To its right, we get the digital screen, resembling the one being used on the R15. It also comes with buttons for toggling the display information and resetting the trip meters.

Engine & Gearbox

The Yamaha R3 gets a 321 cc, 2-cylinder, liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC, 4-valves engine with fuel injection. The motor is a truly refined example for the motor sport world and returns 41.4 BHP @ 10750 rpm with 29.6 NM @ 9000 rpm. The power values are excellent when compared to the others in the segment and the performance of Yamaha R-series bikes has always been non arguable. The gearbox on the machine is a 6-speed, constant mesh.

Acceleration & Performance

The R3 gets performance in its genes and its lightweight design makes it more quick and responsive to the throttle. It gets a 0-60 kmph sprint in 2.89 seconds and a 0-100 kmph time of just 6 seconds. The bike being a twin cylinder offers better performance and refinement than most of the single cylinder bikes and others in the competition. It gets a top speed of 188 kmph when revved fully hard.


Yamaha R3 returns a certified mileage of 22.4 kmpl. Indians are obsessed with mileage and this factor would not be anything less than a scary nightmare for many of us. In the era of cars returning above 27 kmpl and that too on diesel, the small mileage factor would surely knock the brains at least once. But once riding the motorcycle, you would definitely loose the thought with its charm. Also, you won’t get the 6 second sprint from the same car indeed.

Comfort while Riding

Riding the R3 is a comfortable state of mind itself. You get a peace of mind with the fact that you can race past 99 percent of the vehicles on the same road and that too with a proud riding position. Being aerodynamically tested up to the end, the bike provides a stable riding experience, with the rider’s wish to choose the way to drive. You can cruise, you can race and you can even get behind the windshield for a silent drive experience on the R3. The pillion gets the same high riding position as the R15, but that is manageable as bending forward a bit can make you easy up to 100 kmph.

Safety Features

The R3 gets ABS in its international version, but it won’t be equipped for the domestic variant. The price factor would have gone up to a new segment if it would have been provided and we would say its 50-50 mistake of the Yamaha and the rules that says 60 percent tax even on the completely knocked down units of bikes and cars. Who pays at the end, the consumer as company never compromises on its profits. Even after that, Yamaha R3 gets an excellent pair of disc brakes, one for the front and one for the rear. The diamond frame gets excellent stability at high speeds and passes the least possible vibrations to the rider’s body.

Brakes & Suspension

Yamaha has always been the best for its braking quality and suspension properties. The R3 gets a 298 mm, hydraulic disc brake for the front whereas the rear gets a hydraulic 220 mm disc brake. With precision making and high quality materials being use, the R3 gets a good brake response even when on high speeds. The front suspension of the R3 is the telescopic forks and the rear is a monoshock unit. The tuning has been done for ensuring the best possible ride quality and sharp handling at corners high speed sprints.

Ride & Handling

Yamaha’s performance motive is fulfilled only if the bikes are excellent at handling and the ride quality stays the best. For that, Yamaha uses a light weight diamond frame, which not just helps to maintain rigidity but also keeps the bike more responsive on sharp turns and high speed sprints. The easy manoeuvring for the rider is due to the aerodynamic and race inspired built structure of the bike, which works as good on the road as it’s on a track.


The Yamaha R3 is offered in two shades namely Racing Blue and Lightning Black. The Race Blue is the iconic Yamaha shade and comes with the GP Blue designing.

Ex-showroom Price

Yamaha has priced YZF-R3 at the top most limit of INR 3,25,000. The missing ABS at this price point is disappointing.


Whether we call YZF-R3 overpriced, or we say it lacks a spark, the true Yamaha R-series lovers, and even we know that the performance of the motorcycle is nothing less than a pocket rocket and it would play tough on many of the existing segment motorcycles. What’s missing today can be added tomorrow and the introduction of the R3 would definitely affect the way we ride.

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