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The Founder of Orkut Launches Hello App in India

Social Networking App “Hello” Launch
Hello App

A brand new social networking application named “Orkut” is now completely set up by the orkut founder to launch within India. He has now finally announced its entry to India and its markets even within the controversy which is surrounded to the user’s personal data usage at Facebook. The application named “Hello” has now been finally set up by the Orkut Buyukkokten who was the founder of the popular social networking platform Orkut in whole India as well as Brazil. This platform has shown their services earlier in the year 2014 and left behind and lost its value due to its rivals Facebook come to ground. If you go for looking at the social media during today time period, the people are actually being isolated rather than bringing them together. Now, it has become more about going to broadcast instead of sharing. The app is actually being built around on the basis of the interest communities where all the users along with the same type of interests can go for having true connections.

He also added to their comments that this social networking app is being launched in order to go for aiming at having creative positive along with meaningful and various authentic connections. The Orkut is now spread at high level in India and are very much delighted in order to say Hello once again. Now, this app is available for all Indian people in play store and various app stores. After India, the particular company would also go for looking at the rolling out on its own services within its home market the US as well as in different countries like Germany and France. Therefore, you can now avail the various uses and benefits of this app by downloading it from Google Play.

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