Porsche Cayenne E- Hybrid

The brand new car belong to third generation has finally ready to enter into India coming month of September 2018 and our country will now get the brand new Cayenne E-Hybrid for the very first time. It is now considered as the very important as well as significant step taken by the Porsche India as this auto car is full of fun and excitement. It is always taken as one of the biggest challenge in order to decide to improve on your own benchmark and it is believed that any new generation and model should be better and improved than the previous ones and this new generation model of Porsche E-Hybrid is the best example of this saying. This new model is better in each and every field which might includes like better performance, credentials, better cabin and also look than its previous models.

This car is now making use of the different effective features like menu tiles which are being stacked in vertical position over the left side of the screen in order to make the front passengers to use the various features like navigation, media, phone and settings of the car etc. the color graphics which are being arranged in a high resolution graphics are being arranged very neatly and clearly. This is also being placed at the beginning of the curve whenever is being fully equipped with InnoDrive and is mainly got its name and reputation for having its excellence in the motoring by fusing out the performance and luxury. You can also go for availing the camera aided parking tech which helps in providing a complete view of 360 degrees of the surrounding of the car. It also includes the advanced parking technology which includes smartphone based remote controlling parking.

It also result in delivering the best ever experience of engaging within the driving which is considered as the most important within the constitution of the character of the Porsche. The presence of the communicative steering as well as the powerful brake system results in strengthening the claim of the Cayenne in order to fame as the top sports car of the segment of the SUV. It also offers dual front, knee and side airbags for the front sitting passengers along with the rear airbags which is actually filled with nitrogen gas in order to keep you safe and secure and carries a base price of $82,900.

1. Max System Power 453 bhp @5250-6400 rpm
2. Peak System Torque 700 Nm @1000-3750 rpm
3. Claimed Best Mileage 29.4-31.25 kmpl
4. Top Speed 253 kmph

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