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SEO tips to increase traffic on website

Search engine optimization

seo tips and tricks

There are many ways to do so most effectively and efficiently. On which I would like to discuss some tips and tricks with you. But first, let me explain what SEO is and why it is so much in demand nowadays.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It refers to any activities aimed at improving the search engine ranking of a website. It is mainly used to boost the organic traffic of the website.
It’s divided into two categories

● On page SEO
● Off page SEO

if we further elaborate them in that case on page SEO means to improve web page working for example page loading speed, right title tag, HTML code, Mobile friendliness, etc.

Off page SEO means taking help from social media, through advertisement, Inviting guest bloggers, social bookmarking, etc.

There are two ways to do work ethically, Black hat technique and White hat technique. Keyword stuffing, Link spam, Hidden links, Hidden text, cloaking are some of the black hat techniques which are completely unethical to use in business.
On the other hand, white hat techniques are those which we have discussed above. In which good content matters the most.

Developers even also use typo squatting techniques in which they use the similar spelling of some famous website with minor changes just to confuse the user or to steal user information or download malicious software.

Now that we have understood some minor details about SEO, let’s discuss what steps should be taken to improve our website ranking.

* Connecting with other websites that have relative content.
Most people think that linking out to different websites is bad as most users may go to their pages but it doesn’t work like that. If we use references in our article, blogs or websites it increases the trust of the user. And by giving references from trustworthy sites provides legitimacy to our content which makes the user come back on our site again and again.

* Headlines
Headline plays a major role in SEO techniques. Without a proper headline, even the most comprehensive blog can go unreadable. And mastering it will make anyone king of the google.

* Keywords
Keywords are the building blocks of SEO techniques. Whether we talk about popular keywords, long tail keywords, or high -intent keywords they all play a major role in SEO and one can’t ignore them to get success in SEO.

* Blogging
Doing guest blogging or inviting other famous bloggers on your site always helps in improving the ranking of the website.

* Site response
Making site responsive and fast must be one’s priority. It is the only thing which is in the developer’s hand. And making is responsive on mobile devices plays a major role as those days are gone when people use to access the site on desktops. Now every person has a mobile phone in their hand. So making sure your site will open on their device should be in the top priority list.

* Social media
One of the major tools of the 21st century. Easy to target a large number of audiences, getting feedbacks on content is a humungous step towards increasing traffic on your site.

* Video blogging
Text-based content is no doubt very good for the site but video blogging can be a valuable asset for attracting new visitors. Even many researchers have proved that getting information through videos is easier than by reading.

Attending conferences relating to your business is also important as it expresses you as a content maker even speaking in those conferences will project you as a thought leader in your market and gives you significant exposure.


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