Rupinder Gandhi

Biography of Rupinder Gandhi: Photos, Details, Movie & Songs – Hero or Gangster?
Rupinder Gandhi

Rupinder Gandhi is very well known in the whole Punjab in the form of a person having strong fighting spirit along with the well wisher of the all people living in the village Rasoolra, Khanna City of District Ludhiana. He was also considered as the motivator and ideal for so many youngsters who follow him along with his rules.

Some Facts:

  • Rupinder Ghandi (Rupinder Singh) Date of Birth is 2 October, 1979 that’s why his name was Gandhi as decided by his father.
  • At the age of 22, He was Sarpanch of his village Rasoolra.
  • National Level football player.
  • Founder of Gandhi Group Student Union (GGSU).
  • Former President of Panjab University Students Union (PUSU), Chandigarh.
  • A Youth Icon and Motivator and HERO for locals.
  • Help people in all ways -Marriage of girls, medicine for all poor needy, etc.
  • Outside village he was booked with many FIR’s for illegal weapons, thrashing, attempt for murders and other similar cases.
  • Death: Shot dead in September, 5 2003, in a gang war abducted from Samrala road and found in village Saloudi.
  • 2 Movies released on based of his life: Rupinder Gandhi – The Gangster..? and Rupinder Gandhi 2: The Robinhood.
Rupinder Gandhi – The Gangster..? Watch Full Movie (YouTube)

Rupinder Gandhi 2: The Robinhood Watch Full Movie (YouTube)


He was born on 2nd of October that’s why his father decided to give him a name “Gandhi” and then as the time passes, he got famous by his new name “Rupinder Gandhi”. He was considered to be the youngest son in the Aujla family and later become very famous as the hero of the whole Punjab.

The day when this Punjabi hero born, the whole Indian people celebrate Gandhi Jayanti and then his father then finally decided to give his son a name that whole Punjab knows i.e. “Rupinder Gandhi”. For the different people of his village, he was like gift from the God because of his very kind and helpful nature.

Then after completing their school studies in good marks, he went for the further studies to Chandigarh from the very well known university Punjab University and soon became the youth icon for the large number of students in university as well as the all local people. When he became 22 years old, he was chosen and selected as the Sarpanch of the Rasoolra Village and along with this, he was also a very good player of football. He was also very active in sports also and completed his studies in without any problem.

As the time passes, the things in his life started changing and slowly results in different gang wars and the various used weapons started flashing within the streets. Due to these small wars and his involvement in the various fights and usage of weapons, the respect which all the people used to have in their heart suddenly changes to fear. Then, the time came when all the people which used to follow him starts getting scared of him. The city of Ludhiana which is once got its fame because of this hero and his qualities as well as works, started turning into violence.

After 12 years on 5th of September 2003, he was unexpectedly kidnapped from the well known Samrala Road and later on found dead and murdered in the Saloudi Village. His family has no idea about him and the police, after few days of searching, founded his body hanged on a tree. He was also being shot two times along with the broken arms as wells knees and his body was sent for review to the police. After murdering, his body is dumped in the Bhakhra Canal and the police was then successful in finding him after 10 days of searching. The police then decided to send his body for cremation very secretly with his family members in order to go for avoiding laws and various other related problems. According to the reports by the police, there are about 11 persons arrested for his murder and were sent to Patiala Jail in the year 2007. Main accused Lakhi shot by the Gandhi’s brother Maninder. Due to attempting murder on Lakhi, Maninder is then arrested by the police.

The people of the Rasoolra village still remember his good works and respect him because of his helping and kind nature. He is the person who helps people in the wedding works of their daughters and also helps in getting various medicines and health treatments for their children. But outside the village, the people know him like a gangster which was booked in so many FIRs in police stations, many criminal cases, and illegal works and even also trying to go for attempting murder. The people of his village have not yet forgotten him as his role model and also tournaments of both cricket and football are being held each and every year in his memory.

All the youth and students from the university who found Rupinder Gandhi as their role model has started a very fully fledged union which is then named as “Gandhi Group of Student’s Union “. This union mainly includes about 3 lakh+ of students and also it runs in most of colleges as well as universities under Chandigarh and Punjab.

At the end, the brother of Rupinder Gandhi has also claimed that his brother was innocent and was not a gangster and all the fights which he had done is only for the good will of the people and the betterment of their society. Not a single crime was done by him is because of personal reason and hence, he was always ready to fight for girl’s right and pride of the poor’s.

So, instead of gangster, he is a great and brave man whose life has been changed due to various changing circumstances and made him gangster in front of people.

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