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Nurpur Fort Pathankot

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Nurpur Fort Pathankot


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Nurpur Fort Pathankot

Pathankot Attraction:
Nurpur (originally known as Dhameri) was a princely state ruled by Pathania clan of Rajputs for more than 8 centuries before India won its independence. The story behind the name of this fort is very interesting. The fort was originally named as Dhameri and later changed to Nurpur after the visit of Noorejahan, the Queen of Mughal King Jahangir. Noorejahan visited Dhameri and instantly fell in love with the natural beauty of the place and wished to build a palace there.The then ruler Raja Jagat Singh was not happy with the decision because he did not want his freedom to be curtailed by the Mughal domination and politics. So, he made up a story that the climate of the place was not good and caused disease like Goiter. The Queen was horrified with the story and dropped the idea of building a palace in the town. To honor her love for the place, the ruler changed the name of the town and the palace to Nurpur in 1622.

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