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How to liven up your home with wallpapers

liven up your home

Plastering wallpapers on your house walls are predictable. Here’s how you can perk up the interiors by using wallpapers in quirky ways…


Temporary, removable and easy to clean, interesting stick-on wallpapers help in brightening your otherwise dull metallic silver and white refrigerators. Besides, with different wallpapers, you’ll end up having a different refrigerator each time.


If you have been unable to pick up a lampshade that goes with the decor of your room, you can instead opt for interesting wallpaper that goes with the room’s theme and help the regular white lampshade shine brighter.


Depending on what you stock inside the box, you can either choose traditional-looking wallpaper or a funkier looking one to store in your junk jewellery. If you have many such boxes, it will especially help you in differentiating one from the other.


If you eventually end up getting the same wooden cabinets and drawers, you could beautify it by giving it your own touch. Just as bright, solid coloured wallpapers work well and make a statement, you can even go for rustic, grungy ones for a vintage look.


With the right kind of lights and wall colours you can choose to turn your room into a fascinating cosmic wonder or make a planetary chart for your kids to look at as they stare at it in wonder. Try psychedelic designs in order to add the crazy element!


You can make your closet as exciting as what it stocks. A beautiful sunny, beachy look or a design that makes you feel as if you’re walking amongst the woods as you choose your dress… it’s totally up to you.


While this might sound like an obscure space to work on, when done up, it stands out and how! You can choose to have one of a type or have a different one for each stair.


With stick-on wallpaper, you can lend a colouful avatar to the solid, drab looking door.

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