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How to decorate your home with mirrors

decorate your home with mirrors

If mirrors fascinate you more than anything, here’s how using mirrors differently can make your home look playful and classy at the same time.

Mirrors as art work
Mirrors are not always a utility or random piece of decor that is just only used in wardrobes or dressing tables. Mirrors can be creatively used as artwork at home to lend an artistic look. You can either have a collection of small or different-sized mirrors, hung haphazardly to create an artsy look on the wall. You can also use a single statement mirror on a highlighted wall to add to its charm.

Brighten your living room with a mirror wall
Since, space crunch is something we all face while living in a city like Mumbai, ideas that make the home look spacious are always welcome. Living rooms make for a great place for installing a super-large mirror; especially mirror walls. use one wall in your living room to install a simple wooden frame mirror, to open up the space with the entire reflection of the room. Make sure you use a wall near the window, so that it also reflects enough sunlight to make your home look bigger and brighter.

A mirror cabinet for a bigger looking kitchen
Using a mirror instead of tiles for your kitchen wall against the sink or the platform will help open up a small area. You can also use mirrors as a sliding door for your cabinets so that they do not look like one. Especially if you have an open kitchen, this mirror will help you talk to people in the living area without facing them as well as increase the brightness of the space.

Create optical illusion in the hallway
If you always thought a hallway is something you just just quickly pass by, you got to think again. Adding mirrors to the space will open up the area so that you don’t feel confined within it. If you creatively place them, they can also serve as hallway utilities, like the ones here. Drawers and cabinets with mirror doors in the hallway can make the home look lively and colourful, as they would reflect everything around it. No to mention, you can always stop by to have a good look at yourself while passing.

A statement mirror at the dining area
Now, you would ask why do we need a mirror in the dining area? We say, why not? As mentioned before, mirrors are not just an utility, its a style statement. Using a statement mirror with a beautifully carved wooden or metal with filigree worked frame on one of the walls of your dining space, will add to the motif of the room without taking away from the more interesting things, like food. Although an attention-getter, the mirror will only enhance the look of your enclosed dining area.

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