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How greens add health benefits to your salad


There’s probably very little that’s as nutritious as a salad lunch. And leaves and greens are the base of it. But did you know each variety of leaf has its own benefit, depending on vitamin and mineral content.

This is the best of the lot. Kale is packed with phyto-nutrients and has cancer-fighting properties. It also has iron, potassium and calcium.

Another powerhouse, romaine is a rich source of folic acid. It also has vitamins A and vitamin Km which increases bone density.

Good old lettuce is apt of you’e watching your weight – 100 g of this gives you just 15 calories! It also has vitamin A and beta-carotene as well as B-complex vitamins like thiamin and vitamin B-6.

Swiss Chard
Also called Silverbeet, this variety has large green leaves and an edible stalk. It is said to help regulate blood sugar and aid digestion.

Iceberg lettuce
Crunchy iceberg lettuce is mostly water, with an almost bland taste. It helps in weight loss and its dietary fiber content keeps the heat healthy. It can also be added to sandwiches.

The most popularly-available leaf, cruciferous vegetable, cabbage offers vitamin C and has cancer-fighting compounds. It is also versatile and is eaten raw or added to soups, in a slaw and stir fries.

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