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Hot and happening wedding themes in India

Hot and happening wedding themes in India

In India, weddings are not just about two people but their families too and grand celebrations.

While the opulence and grandeur of the big fat Indian weddings are well known, even Aurangabad has its share of wedding planners who incorporate everything from decor to attire to the music and menu in these grandiose theme weddings. From regal Rajasthani-style weddings to Bollywood-inspired ones, TOI finds out more about the hottest and most happening themes this wedding season.

Regal rajasthan
Rajasthan’s rich and intricate architecture has inspired wedding decorators to come up with royal and vivid wedding decor, a perfect mixture of the vintage and contemporary. The huge sets transform the venue into a royal setup replicating famous palaces like the Lake Palace, Umaid Bhavan Palace etc. In keeping with the theme, the bride and groom sport traditional Rajasthani attire. Beats of the traditional dhol thali add a ethnic touch. “A theme like this costs money, but people are willing to loosen their purse strings for such royal and lavish decor. Depending on individual preferences, costs for such decor can range upward of `2 lakhs,” said Jaswant Singh, owner of a wedding planning company.

Peacock theme
The majestic national bird that symbolizes beauty and elegance is another popular muse for wedding planners. Its iridescent plumage in shades of blue and green make for a fabulous wedding theme and complements any other colour combination that might be introduced as part of the decor. Chitra Nandawat, who personally oversaw the decor of her daughter Anumeha’s peacock-themed wedding, said, “It took five months to execute the finely-detailed theme where we customized over 32 items, namely the invitation cards, jewellery boxes, table tops and clutches for the ladies. The material was procured from Udaipur, Jaipur, Indore and other places.”

Bollywood rules
While dancing to Bollywood hits at weddings isn’t new, the Bollywood theme predictably tops the list of city wedding planners. To get just the right filmy tadka, cut-outs of top stars and film posters is a norm now. Another fast-growing fad is having celebrity anchors and performers to add to the glam factor. Pranav Samang, a professional photographer, says, “The Bollywood-themed weddings I’ve covered have had people taking special training from Bollywood choreographers. Even the photoshoot briefs that I get prior to the wedding include clicking filmy poses while the couple wear outfits that stars have sported in films. Photography with such requirements costs upwards of Rs 25,000.”

Floral inspiration
Flowers have always been an integral part of weddings. Predictably then some weddings today are opting for a complete floral theme. Choosing either a single flower or a shade of it, or opting for a combination of two or three flowers, floral garden-like setups are created to seat the couple during the wedding proceedings. Wedding planners say that exotic and expensive flowers like orchids, gerbera and birds of paradise are much in demand at the floral themed weddings. Neha Divekar, who’s planning a floral-themed wedding, says, “We’re decorating the entrance with all kinds of exotic flowers. We will also adorn the palanquin and chariot in which we will arrive with flowers. This is the first time we are having a themed wedding in our family and I’m pretty excited about it. “

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