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Glamourous hairdos for Christmas parties


With parties and social functions entering your calendar, the month of December calls for dramatic hair looks that are high on glamour.

Just the way you won’t repeat an outfit, donning the same hairstyle again and again is a big no-no. Take beauty inspiration from the bubbly Blake Lively, who has turned up in dramatically different hairdos at several red carpet events. To help you in transforming your looks without snipping your locks, TRESemme hair expert Daniel Bauer decodes the Gossip Girl star’s three famous hairdos. Try these out when you step out on Christmas eve….

Pretty Braided Do
Step 1:Braids call for hair that’s strong enough to withstand all the tugging and styling.
Step 2:After washing your hair, work a texturising spray through your hair for a lived-in look and create a deep side parting and braid one half into a loose French braid at your hairline. Secure the end with a few bobby pins.
Step 3:Twist the rest of the hair into a low lose knot at the nape and use bobby pins to secure into place.
Step 4:Let the shorter layers of your hair all loosely in the front to give your face added definition.

Chic Braided Ponytail
Step 1: If you are styling your hair in braids, then it needs to be strong enough to withstand all the tugging.
Step 2: Work some clay or mousse into the crown section of your hair and then, pull it into a semi tight high ponytail.
Step 3: Divide the ponytail into three section, one large and two small, and plait the hair. Keep the sections loose as it should not look neat, but more bohemian.
Step 4: Fix the the ends with an elastic band. To help add body to the braid, loosen sections with the handle of a fine tooth comb.

Hollywood Waves

Very few girls are blessed with beautiful bouncy waves. But they can be easily achieved with hot sticks.
Step 1: Before heat styling, strengthen your mane with shampoo and conditioner.
Step 2: Blast dry your hair and part them slightly on one side.
Step 3: Then, wrap three to four inch sections of your tresses around the hot sticks. Remember to alternate between clock-wise and anti-clockwise movements.
Step 4: Remove the stick after five minutes, and gently open up your hair with a paddle brush

Expert speak
Daniel Bauer, TRESemme Hair Expert
“Uncut hairstyles have been doing the rounds on international red carpets. Go global with a bright burgundy or try a flamboyant up-do, but remember to use a strengthening shampoo and conditioner to maintain the health of your hair.”

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