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Are you weaving your locks yet?

weaving your locks

The 90s were an age of some regrettable hair accessories. Scrunchies, braidinis, comb hair bands, butterfly clips, string hair wraps — the list was endless.

As fashion sense meticulously sharpened over the years, people moved on to sharper and smarter accessories. Gone are the days when you would opt for flower crowns, hair wraps, colourful extensions and bandanas at music festivals and parties, it’s time for the mother of all hair trends — the hair tapestry. It’s delicate, festive and oh-so-cool! So, how does this form of tapestry work, you ask? It is not as complicated as it looks like. One needn’t have a steady hand in needle expertise to nail the look. It’s like crocheting but it’s just in your hair.

Basically, you transform a part of your hair into a needlework canvas and weave colourful rows of threads into your locks or clip-in hair extensions to make it look like a multicoloured braid. These could be sexy, cute, bold or funky — depending on the design you choose to weave. Simply divide the weft of hair extension into several strands and weave around them with the help of an embroidery thread. Stylists Kaushik and Rajat opine, “It is a good idea to jazz up plain, drab, black hair with a bit of colour. Hair tapestry is becoming increasingly popular among youngsters and they are sporting it at parties, fashion events and music festivals. The trending colours are fiery reds, fluorescent greens, purple and creams — and the trend lends the most straightforward styles a dash of drama.” This boho-chic trend is catching on not only among festival goers but also among those who love fearlessly experimenting with their hair with casual ease. Ace makeup artist Kapil Bhalla says, “Hair tapestry has been around since long and is making a huge comeback. It’s more of a hippie trend that looks great if you are by the beach, at a brunch or at a day-time party. These ideally look good if the hair is braided. Modern brides are also going for hair tapestry as a new look for mehndi or sangeet.” Are you trying it yet?

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