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9 essentials for a home gym

home gym

Fancy a happening home gym but don’t have the dough to finance it? Not everyone has the kind of budget a fancy home gym needs but that doesn’t mean you cannot own one! Here are a few basic pieces of exercise equipment that are relatively inexpensive and can make for a home gym you would like to spend time in.

Exercise mat
This is a basic. Use it for ab workouts, toning exercises, yoga or Pilates. If you don’t have carpet, make sure you choose a no-slip mat.

An aerobic step
Can be used for step aerobics or as a weight bench. They can be fun to work to music and give your leg muscles a nice workout.

Bosu ball
This works very well for your abdominal workout and also improves your balance and core strength. You can use it for push-ups, back extensions, or lower-body exercises or as a weight bench.

This is for lifting heavier weights.Buy these only if you have been into weights at your regular gym.

Adjustable weight bench
You’ll need this for chest and back exercises, and you can even use it for a quick ab workout or some triceps dips.

Ankle weights
For working the stability muscles of the lower body invest in a quality pair of ankle weights for moves like standing leg lifts or leg extensions.

Resistance bands and tubes
Resistance bands can give you a full body workout no matter where you go.

A dumbbell set
Extremely versatile and a good investment. Serious about burning fat and gaining muscle then this is a must-have.

An aerobic step
Can be used for step aerobics or as a weight bench.

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