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5 meat-free protein sources

meat-free protein sources

Protein is essential for everything from healthy hair to nails to a good body through muscle mass. Taking more time to digest than carbs, it keeps you feel full for a longer period of time.

While meat and eggs are good sources of protein for non-vegetarians, there are alternatives for vegetarians too for every meal and all the snacks in between.

Cook them and eat with salt and pepper or make yummy soups out of them. They are perfect to keep your warm during winter. Eat a green salad and yogurt along with tasty beans and you have a full meal ready.

Green Peas
Find in abundance during the winter season, green peas are inexpensive and merge easily with other vegetables. Buy them fresh and make methi mattar, aloo mattar, mattar paneer, amongst other popular recipes.

Also known as cottage cheese, it is an excellent source of protein and as an ingredient it adds value to any dish. Enjoyed by kids and grown ups alike it is a nutritious value addition to your meals.

Since lentils don’t need to be soaked before cooking, they’re quicker to prepare than other beans. Try them in salads with apples, celery, and lemon juice or cook a lentil dish on its own.

Thick Yogurt
Thick yogurt without the liquid whey, is a more concentrated, thicker yogurt with a super creamy texture and double the amount of protein as regular yogurt. You can combine it with winter vegetables for salads or make fresh dip perfect for dunking carrots and cucumbers. You can also just it as it is.

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