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25 Simple and Awesome Meditation Tips for Every Lazy Soul


Meditating is a great way to relax and rejuvenate especially if you’re living in a world full of stress. To keep your sanity intact and cope with all the worries, meditation should be on your everyday to-do list. Here are 25 awesome meditation tips to keep calm and carry on with life. These tips are helpful even for the lazy souls. So, no more excuses!

1. You don’t need a fixed place: You don’t need a specific place to meditate. Meditation can be done anywhere and at anytime. Make it your own and it will work for you.

2. No need to close your eyes: Most people think that meditation is done best with eyes shut tight. This is a misconception. You don’t necessarily have to shut your eyes to meditate. You can meditate with your eyes open too.

3. Take it easy: Start with simple things like watching your breath. As you get better at this, slowly progress to mindful eating and other complex forms of meditation. But, first get the basics right.

4. Take a walk: If you can’t meditate in a quiet place then take a walk. It will calm your nerves.

5. Find your comfort zone: Try various forms but find your comfort zone and make that work for you. Once you’ve tried out a few tricks, find what kind of meditation works for you.

6. Practice it to get it right: Meditation is something that takes time to master. So make sure you practice it regularly.

7. Stay focused: Try to keep your focus on meditating.

8. Don’t worry about right or wrong: Initially, don’t focus on getting it right in the first go. Start by watching your breath and thoughts. The important thing is to START.

9. Stretch it out: Meditation doesn’t mean you can’t stretch and loosen up your muscles. Although working on your mind is important stretching out and getting some exercise is also essential as it will help you meditate better.

10. Wake up: You might cringe about the morning routine, but it is important to wake up and get to it. Keep the excuses at bay.

11. Pay attention to the postures: As you start meditating regularly, start paying attention to your posture as it related to your ability to focus. Without the right posture you will probably doze off or obstruct breathing. Keep your back straight and avoid slouching. This is very important.

12. Don’t meditate on a full stomach: Never meditate on a full stomach. Keep your tummy half full as it will help you meditate better. A full stomach can put you to sleep.

13. Count: To keep your focus on the act, count. Make a note of your breathing pattern and count from one to 100. This helps.

14. Set aside time: If mornings don’t suit your schedule, slot a time in the day that you feel is best to meditate. But make sure you find the right environment to meditate, preferably a quiet room or out in a park where there’s fresh air.

15. Don’t overdo it: Don’t pressurise yourself too much. If you can’t sit for too long then do it for as long as you want. Start with sitting for five minutes and then slowly progress to a longer time.
16. Make your own space: Find that spot in your home where you like meditating and make it your meditation space.

17. Get some knowledge: Try and get some guidance on meditation. Read a book on it or take a class that will guide you.

18. Reduce distractions: Make sure you reduce all your distractions. Avoid watching that TV show that takes up an hour of your day or skip the unimportant things.

19. Get company to meditate with: If you are having trouble with maintaining a meditation routine, ask a friend or sibling to join you. Meditate with a friend or family member who will motivate you.

20. Rise with the sun: Early mornings are best to meditate as it will keep you fresh and energetic.

21. Discover the power of silence: Silence is bliss, but some people fear it. You need to discover the power of silence. Even if you are compelled to listen to music or watch something funny, make sure you maintain silence when you are meditating. Practice silent walking, silent driving and silent meditating too.

22. Don’t jump up: Once you are done with your meditation session, keep calm and get up slowly. Don’t just rush off with the rest of your day. Take a moment to think about the session and what you took back from it. Relax. This will make your practice more enjoyable.

23. Enjoy it: You need to start having fun with this practice. Only if you begin to enjoy it will you continue to do it. The practice should bring a sense of joy for you. Motivate yourself.

24. Find a community: Once you find a community, you’ll begin to enjoy the practice even more. It will also motivate you to continue and prove to be rewarding.

25. Create a lifestyle: Practice daily and make it a part of your routine. Once you include it in your lifestyle, it will come naturally and you will have not have excuses to skip.

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